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The Songs Of Chris Kempster

Order copies of this double CD for $AUD 25.00 (plus packing & postage) from Trad&Now

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Sydney South NSW 1235

1 Reedy River (instrumental) Chris Kempster et al listen
2 The Drover's Sweetheart Chris Kempster listen
3 The Days When We Went Swimming Christine Wheeler listen
4 Faces in the Street Declan Affley listen
5 Do You Think That I Do Not Know? Sonia Bennett & Chris Kempster listen
6 The Shame of Going Back Doug Jenner listen
7 The Water Lily Kate Fagan listen
8 Down the River Dave de Hugard listen
9 Bertha Margaret Fagan listen
10 Nursery Rhyme Len Neary listen
11 Rain in the Mountains Sonia Bennett & Chris Kempster listen
12 The Teams Martin Wyndham-Read with No Mans Band listen
13 Freedom on the Wallaby Declan Affley listen
14 Reedy River Priscilla Herdman listen
1 The Roaring Days James Fagan listen
2 The Old Rebel Flag in the Rear Tom Bridges, Deanne Dale, Alison Jones listen
3 Bush Lullaby Priscilla Herdman listen
4 Andy's Gone with Cattle Dennis O'Keeffe listen
5 Sailor Home from the Sea Margaret Walters listen
6 Paddy Doyle's Boots Chris Kempster & Len Neary listen
7 Cane Killed Abel Danny Spooner, Bob Fagan, Alex Hood listen
8 Equal Pay Alex Hood, Annette Hood, Denis Kevans listen
9 Clancy and Dooley and Don McLeod Roy Bailey listen
10 Home Chris Kempster listen
11 Freedom on the Wallaby John Dengate et al listen
12 Do You Think That I Do Not Know? Declan Affley listen
13 One Hundred and Three Len Neary listen
14 On the Night Train Chloe & Jason Roweth listen
15 The Outside Track Chris Kempster listen
16 The Drover's Sweetheart (instrumental) Chris Kempster et al listen

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