Chris Kempster Project: part 2

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[Chris Kempster's letter to Mulga Wire June 1985]

Henry Lawson poetry set to music
(Closed 2006)

Are you a songwriter who has set poetry by Henry Lawson to music? If so, please read on.

In 1989 Chris Kempster published "The Songs of Henry Lawson", which was at the time a comprehensive anthology of tune settings for Lawson poetry. Beautifully produced with words and music, accompanied by photos and information about the poems themselves, the book has been out of print for some years and is still much in demand.

Now the songbook is to be reprinted as a revised edition and we are considering whether it should be in print format only, electronic, or both. We are seeking potential contributions for an extension of the first edition. If you have a setting you would like to see considered for inclusion, you will need to submit the following:

  • An audio version on CD
  • A print copy of the words (showing any adjustments made to the original poem)
  • A print copy of the music and/or a midi file (these are optional)
  • Your contact details, including address, phone and email

Terms of submission

  1. Songs will be selected for inclusion at the discretion of a specially selected panel. Submitting your setting does not guarantee its inclusion.
  2. If your setting is accepted for inclusion in the revised edition, you will be granting copyright permission for it to be published in all formats including print, CD and online.
  3. There will be no payment made for settings accepted for inclusion in the revised edition.

Terms of the songbook project

  1. Using funds generated by sales of the double CD, "The Songs of Chris Kempster", the songbook project will once again be auspiced by and accounted to the Folk Federation of NSW.
  2. Like the CD project, the songbook will be completed by a group of committed volunteers.

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