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Songs of Chris Kempster CD: comments/reviews

Doreen Bridges
Thank you very much for sending me the Kempster recordings. I had a rare free afternoon, and played both discs while I was doing some forward cooking ( stew to freeze) which always takes me a long time these days. I was amazed at the good quality of the recording. It was a wonderful collection of Chris's songs and so lovingly put together by Alison and her committee. I thought that 'The Old Rebel Flag' was one of the most sensitive performances and you three must have got a lot of satisfaction from doing it. I had heard few of Chris's songs, and I particularly liked the ones in a minor key.

Michael Vidale
Just a quick note to say thanks for the Chris Kempster CD. I had no idea this man was such a giant of music! What a volume of quality work ! I'm proud to have been involved in this so thank you .

Barry Parks
I have not been so excited about a CD for a long time. 2 discs 30 songs 20 or so artists and some wonderfully remastered archive material such as Declan Affley singing Henry Lawson's Do You Think That I Do Not Know.

Mike Leyden
A superb job very well done. Brought back a lot of memories once again. So many names from the past eh!! So much energy put into causes and beliefs and occasionally into meaningful tunes. Chris I felt was always basically a man of the bush, of the outback, who never really felt free in a city environment and his emotional attachment to Lawson provided him with the outlet for his talent as a singer/writer. Personally, Reedy River and Do You Think That I do not Know I feel were his best songs from a pure musical standpoint as his chord structure helped to convey so well the feelings behind the words.

Bethany Jones
I just got the CD. It's amazing! It must have taken so much work. It looks and sounds fantastic. I love Chris' songs. They're so singable I think this CD will be a new bath/sleep time favourite! Thank you so much for sending it.

Priscilla Herdman
Thanks so much for the CDs which arrived on Monday, May 8th. Congratulations on the release - the whole package and selection of songs & musicians is wonderful and you should all be very proud! Thank you for including me as part of it.

Phyl Lobl
It was great to hear Declan of course. Many great voices and great hearts combined to create this fine tribute to a fine person who lives on in a body of work we are fortunate to inherit.

Mick Dark
Yes we did get our copy of Chris' CD. We have been listening to it in parts frequently since then. It's a wonderful job you people did, you should be proud so thank you.

Helen Johnson-Jordan
You certainly did Chris proud! I am transported by the beauty of the CDs. He lives on.

Meghan Kempster
I think you have all done a fantastic job. It's a wonderful keepsake for me and many others I'm sure, not to mention compilation of history. The artwork and photos are great, the text interesting and the compilation of songs beautiful. It's funny because I'd heard all of the songs but had no idea half of them were his. Dad would have been so proud and grateful to you all.

Lilo Blyton
I just received the CD and how wonderful it is!!!! Congrats to all who organised it ... listening to my tracks with Chris and Declan sure brought back some great memories as they were done not too long before Declan's death ... it is indeed me on 'Do You Think That I Do Not Know'... the same session as 'Faces In The Street' ... maybe you could amend the credits if you do another run of covers sometime ... the other musicians are (the unforgettable) Richard Brooks - harmonica and Ken Greenlaugh - flute plus Chris on guitar (as well as Kevin Butcher) and Peter Darsent - synthesizer.

Clem Parkinson
Thank you very much for the CDs of Chris Kemspter's songs - a first class production.
With regard to 'Bush Lullaby' Leagh Healy once told me that she was teaching this song to a class of children at a primary school. She became aware that one of them didn't quite have the words right. Instead of singing 'Daddy's gone a shearing down the Castlereagh' this little girl was singing quite innocently 'Daddy's got a sheila down the Castlereagh'. Chris would have been amused.
Glad to hear a couple of tracks featuring Priscilla Herdman - I met her some years ago at the Geelong Folk Festival.

Martyn Wyndham-Read
The Chris Kempster CD is just terrific and well done everyone who was involved with it. A great deal of care, thought and love went into it.

Sing Out! (2006), v50, n4
Australian folk artist Chris Kempster (1933-2004) devoted much of his career to setting poetry to music; particularly the works of Henry Lawson, the great Australian poet of the late-19th and early-20th centuries. On this 2-CD compilation of Kempster's settings, he and such artists as Christine Wheeler, Len Neary, James Fagan and others remind us what great songs those poems, by Lawson and a few others, made. Although most of the contributing artists are Australian, the collection also includes contributions by Priscilla Herdman of the US and Roy Bailey of England.

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