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From the age of 16, when he composed the tune for Henry Lawson's poem Reedy River, Chris Kempster continued to write memorable tunes. Apart from 18 tunes to Lawson poems, Chris wrote tunes to the work of other Australian poets including:

Frank Wilmot
Louis Esson
Merv Lilley
Dorothy Hewett
Denis Kevans

Download Chris Kempster Songbook (24 pages 21 songs 5.3Mb pdf)

List of Songs

Reedy River [play or ], Nursery Rhyme [play or ], Cane Killed Abel [play or ]
The Sailor Home From The Sea [play or ], Equal Pay [play or ]
Bush Lullaby [play or ], The Teams [play or ], The Water-lily [play or ]
The Days When We Went Swimming [play or ], The Drover's Sweatheart [play or ]
Down The River [play or ], The Roaring Days [play or ]
Freedom On The Wallaby [play or ], Bertha [play or ]
The Old Rebel Flag In The Rear [play or ], One Hundred And Three [play or ]
Do You Think That I Do Not Know [play or ], Rain In The Mountains [play or ]
On The Night Train [play or ], Clancy And Dooley And Don McLeod [play or ]

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Singers of Chris' Songs

Many singers and groups have recorded songs that have Chris' settings including:

Gary Shearston
Alex Hood
Declan Affley
Martyn Wyndham-Read
Sydney Trade Union Choir
Priscilla Herdman
Margaret Walters
The Bushwackers
The Fagans
The Larrikins
Roy Bailey
Solidarity Choir
Alison Jones


Chris Kempster and Larrikins
Chris and The Larrikins



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